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Watercolor Painting, My Way!: Clouds: L3

Author: Rod Webb, Associate Editor

This time we will be working "wet-into-wet". Your watercolor paper will need to be stretched .

Check out my previous lesson on "Stretching watercolor paper" for more information!

Here, you can see that clear water is applied to the top sky area of the paper.

I am using a mixture of Cobalt blue with a touch of Light red. A fairly strong mix is required, as it will get diluted by the water already on the paper.

Raw Sienna will also be used at the base of the sky, so be sure to have a mix ready.

Here, the shine can be seen on the surface of the wet paper.


For this method, the board is laid flat (usually with watercolor a 15 degree slant is used).

We want to control the paint only by moving it around with our brush - we don't want it to run down the paper.

We will use a technique called negative painting.

We are not painting the clouds, but the space around them, which of course is the blue sky.

Paint can be manipulated with your brush as long as the paper is still wet.

To the left, you can see the Raw Sienna wash that was added to the base of sky.

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