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Creating a Roadside Masterpiece

Author: Larry Seiler, Contributing Editor

The first thing is location, location, location. Where to paint? Sometimes we over look everyday familiar settings, trying to find some glorious scene. I believe however, that one of the jobs of the artist is take that which has become mundane and taken for granted and open eyes to its inherent beauty. Here...we see a typical overpass of a creek with its highway metal guards.

What could possibly be here, as we pass by at 60mph?

[Editor's note: knowing Larry, I'm sure it was more like 90mph, but then again, I wasn't there. :-) ]

Here we see the creek empties into a pool, surrounded by pines and various trees and brush, and with the sun at various angles produces interesting possibilities. Perhaps this view...

...or this one?

..and don't overlook the possibility of an interesting view by getting low to the ground!

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