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Cartooning with Jason Seiler (1/5)

Author: Larry Seiler, Associate Editor

After spending a wonderful time at the Chicago Art Institute over the new year's holidays with my son Jason, I managed to get him to agree to show me his busy art space located in Cornerstone Magazine, an international bimonthly dealing with the arts, music, and issues pertinent to the thinking person, from a Christian perspective. setup.jpg (13921 bytes)
Jason is a staff artist who in addition to formatting, design and layout of the magazine has his own two page comic strip called, "Jiles and Gaven".

Young at 23 years of age to have proven himself so well thus far. As Jason explains, "these guys are actually types of alter egos of myself....Jiles being hyper, lacking in patience, speaks what is on his mind ...while Gaven is more responsible, a thinker, doesn't talk so much, often acts like a big brother and is sometimes annoying."

Jason's other passion is caricaturing, and is a member of the National Caricaturist Network. The membership has an online site, and Jason's work can be seen at his page on caricature.org.

setup.jpg (13921 bytes)
I've added a couple of samples here for our collective enjoyment, (Frazier and Elvis Presley) and perhaps we can coax Jason into a caricature instructional lesson sometime! :-)
workclean.jpg (7849 bytes) workclean.jpg (7849 bytes)

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