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If we lived in a yellow two dimensional world and a blue ball passed through

we would experience something like this:

Fortunately we don't, instead ...
Let us imagine we live in a giant room where the floor is the ground and the sky is the ceiling.

I have drawn the room with two rectangles and four lines.

You should start the lesson with a sheet of paper and a pencil and copy my lines.

Add a door and a window... and we create a space.
I shall add some lines to help put tiles on the floor and cornice around the ceiling...

You can do this freehand or using a ruler.

Let us extend a few lines and add some detail. You will note that if you extend the lines forming the top

and bottom of the open door they will meet on the same level as the other convergent lines.

Practice adding things yourself.

This example is called 'two point perspective'. Try it yourself. Now let's now go outside ...
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