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Photoshop Painting

The Suit

Author: Craig Mullins, Contributing Editor

This is a 10 step example of both how to paint in general and more specifically, how to paint with Photoshop. You can see more of my work at www.goodbrush.com.

Draw your outline or silhouette in a mask channel so you can use it as a selection to paint through and behind throughout the process of painting.

Now go to your RGB color channel and make a gradation like you see here. I have in mind a dark green picture with a diffuse overhead source. keep in mind the type of lighting when you make this grad, as it will direct everything you do from here on out. Don?t go from very bright to very dark, you can do that later if needed. Of course you can, experiment, have fun, it can work, this is only one way.

Load your silhouette mask channel so that your figure is selected. Use the levels or curves to darken this area. Since you are darkening a range of pixels, you still have a nice grad in the figure, it is just on a lower scale.

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