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Composition, Color, & Contrast

"Bobber Stare Down" - (2/6)

Author: Larry Seiler, Contributing Editor

The shadows of the jacket's white straps are blue mixed with orange, and white. The darker edges of the vest in the shadow is a darker red-orange pigment againt with a touch of blue added.

Now..even the blue you choose makes a difference if you think on terms of temperature, for Ultramarine is a cold blue leaning towards the violet, and Phtalo is a warm blue.

The warmer blue mixed with orange will react to the yellow in the orange and of course favor a sense of green. The cooler blue will react to the red in the orange and favor a sense of violet. Since violet is colder in temperature than green, you can see that ultramarine blue will cool orange down more than Phthalo.

Confused yet? Much easier to do with experience than attempt to explain it! Nevertheless, don't despair, it simply takes time and if you pick up on something I'm sharing here in this lesson...you'll be the better for it.

Now...let's go on to the next obvious, and that is the convenience of the red edge brim of the hat and the red "C" of the cap...both played against the green of the trees in the background. Again, opposites or complimentaries on the color wheel, the effect is the little color I used, (for indeed there is not much red pigment there), and how the green surrounding it makes it sing loud and clear.

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